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Fast Easy DIY 🌈Nails with Kiara Sky Gelly Tips

From no nails to Pride Nails…fast! Skip the sculpting and shaping. Then your ready for Pride nail art. With alcohol Inks I create stunning Pride Rainbow Art.

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Products Featured in this video:
Kiara Sky Gelly Tips Soak Off Starter Kit bit.ly/2B9TUd1
Madam Glam Perfect White Soak Off Gel Polish bit.ly/3f8tM0u
Madam Glam Soak Off No Wipe Top Coat bit.ly/2MNkVVJ
Maxie Inks by Enailcouture bit.ly/2CGVW4S

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Thanks to the talented composers, musicians and producers who created the music used in this video!
00.00 We Are There by Bob Bradley | Nick McEnally | Josh Weller *
01.57 Space Machine by Alex Arcoleo *
03.41 All Parts Equal by Airae ^
04.38 Elude by Senchi ^
06.46 Love Out Loud by Gamma Skies feat. Christine Smit ^
10.39 Neon Feels by Martin Felix Kaczmarski | Alex Arcoleo *
12.47 It’s Go by Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver *
13.48 Gyro Trance by Terry Devine-King *
17.11 Whispers by Valante ^
18.19 Find Our Space by Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver *
18.48 Obsidian by Amaranth Cove ^
19.28 We Are There by Bob Bradley | Nick McEnally | Josh Weller *

* Music courtesy of Audio Network Canada Inc.
^ Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

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