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DIY at home acrylic nails afforable Blue purple swirl nail art

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Unfortunately guys, I think my account is shadowbanned and I dont think there is anything that can be done about it. If you guys came please help my sharing the videos, Liking and commenting to let youtube know people want to see my videos so they can share it more to other people, i’d appreciate it so much. Thank you for all your support.

AMAZON PAGE: www.amazon.com/shop/cflowerma
Nail drill amzn.to/2YZ0hcb
Clear nail tips amzn.to/2AsSOZs
Nail glue amzn.to/2VMfCep
Nail file / buffer amzn.to/3isgq1A
Cuticle cutter amzn.to/2CazL6A
Nail primer amzn.to/38upoqz
Acrylic and monomer set(cheapest option to buy them together) amzn.to/2VLNmbK
Clear acrylic powder amzn.to/2C9sTqs
Liquid monomer amzn.to/2Db7rSk
Clear jar amzn.to/3e2p9UN
Nail brush amzn.to/2Z0TYoB
Nail art brush amzn.to/2YYE79U
Nail polish top coat amzn.to/3ixQjpR
Nail polish set purple amzn.to/2ZHlYwu

D I S C O U N T C O D E S:
SIGMA – bit.ly/2somkHc
Discount code: CFLOWER

BOXYCHARM BOX Boxy charm – glnk.io/3r5p/c-flower

COLOURPOP – Save $5 off $20 code: cflower5
MOTIVES – goo.gl/Fj61LQ
Free shipping code: CFLOWER

International orders:

JUNO & CO www.thejuno.co/?rfsn=3515315….

COASTAL SCENTS – bit.ly/2qGek2k

F I L M I N G E Q U I P M E N T:
Soft box lights: amzn.to/2sYFZBc
Vlog camera: amzn.to/2sJwwcM
Ring light: amzn.to/2u71FKJ
Tripod: amzn.to/2uKSnSK
Spotlight lights: amzn.to/2u75eAW
Camera: amzn.to/2v5wm0i

HOW TO: Cut crease eyeshadow

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